The vision behind our noble cause
Fail IS your real Father. See the About page.

Fail is doing it for the lulz.
OR, Fail did it for the PROFIT!!
OR, is Fail’s special way of showing his love to the world and his peeps by stabbing his middle finger deep in to their eye sockets while screaming “excuses me my good man but if I may be so bold as to present you with a Tshirt of my very own making which you shall love as if it is your own right baby son!? OR, Being the basest of all things, Fail sympathize with your depraved desire to lie and cheat your way through your disgraceful life. And in his infinite wisdom, Fail recognizes your scream for help and is ready to provide you with the heaping spoonful of debasement that you so craved.
Nothing like universal condemnation to sweeten up your cup of morning joe!!! -Fail

YOU: oh great and powerful Fail, I have given in to my lust for your holiness and can only be satiated by purchasing and wearing of your awesome t-shirt while chewing passionately on my favorite pillow. What must I do?

YOU PAY NOW: In addition to payment in US dollars which Fail prefer since they converts easily to delicious hookers and blows. You must accrue sufficient quantities of FAIL from your friends with in a 24 hours period before Fail deem you worthy of his glorious apparels. A true sign of a discriminating gentleman!

YOU FAIL: If your skill at trolling your friend proves sufficient impressive, you might even earn the privilege of receiving the EPIC grade version of your selected design.

OR ELSE: Conversely if you disappoint Fail and did not achieve the basic FAIL requirements, Fail shall happily bloody the mighty ban hammer with your worthless grey matter, weak sauce will not be tolerated.

COST: The Number of FAIL required for each T-shirt is conveniently listed next to the price of each T-shirt. This number INCREASES as more mindless zombies in your zip code buy more of the same T-shirt. Fail require ever greater tribute of FAIL in order to achieve satisfaction.

CHOOSE: Once you provided and confirmed the payment, shipping and design selection. You'll be sent to the Struggle for Great Justice page, the 24 hours countdown starts immediately! You'll have the option of uploading a profile photo, adding comments and invite your friends. This is all an elaborate scheme from Fail to impress upon your feeble mind that you neither money nor friends, Ha Ha PWND!!

AFTERMATH: At the end of the 24 hours period, the total FAIL achieved will be tabulated and your reward (or punishment) processed automatically by the Fail elves.
1. Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates local or United States law.
This will be severely punished and strictly enforced. GTFO this site is not for you.

2. If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website.
GTFO this site is not for you.

3. Failure to read and follow direction for the order process will not be accepted as ground for refund or returns. If you can not understand the detail instruction located on this and other pages,
then GTFO this site is not for you.

4. Any butthurt resulted from failure to comprehend the brilliance of Fail will be promptly laugh at.
GTFO this site is not for you.

5. Ban evasion will result in permanent bans. GTFO this site is not for you.
You know you love it you Sick Fuck!

Any FAIL privilege are suspended during Ban.

The length of any ban will be determined solely by Fail, base on the look of your ugly face, time of day and random mood of destructiveness that frequent geniuses of Fail’s caliber. Especially when the supply of delicious hookers and blows decreases.

Attempt to login during time of B&nage will be met with the ban page which, beside calling attention to your n00bish behavior. Will also indicate the amount of time left on your Ban clock.
What is my size?
To determine your proper size you should first seek out a silver and reflective surface in your home, usually hung on a vertical surface and more commonly refer to as a mirror. The pudgy and disgusting mess that’s staring at you should give you some hints as to your size.

OR, We use American Apparel blanks so if you bought any T-shirts from them before, the same size would apply. Here's a little handy sizing chart ( in case if you are in denial of your actual size.

What is this EPIC DEATHMATCH thing I hear?
Thats for Fail to know and you to find out. You probably won’t since you’re a friendless basement dwelling tard.

What are the shipping options available and do you ship internationally?
We currently do not accept any international orders, because America, FUCK YEA!

All orders are shipped via USPS priority services and shipping cost is included in the price of the T-shirt. Fail is currently trying to decide if he likes you enough to offer other express mailing options.

What is Fail going to do with the massive amount of Profit?
With your hard earned Dollars Fail will buy the following:
1. New friends.
2. Delicious hooker and blows!
3. Everything on this list (